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Based loosely on this story I saw today about a couple—longtime season ticket-holders—celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary at Dodger Stadium. It made me all smiley and kind of misty-eyed. It has been too long, and it’s a good day to write and say thanks to you all. ( :

* * *

The senior class president escorted them to their seats, as had been tradition for nearly a decade.

They had been upgraded this year, to spray-painted thrones placed near the 50-yard-line, instead of the handicap-section seats they had been assigned five years ago, the “enhanced” stadium seats they had received a few years before that, and the metal benches they had made do with for so many years before.

"The view’s better up in the stands," Kurt grumbled, reluctantly taking his seat.

"It’s kind. It’s sweet. And we’re on the sidelines," Blaine said, leaning in, speaking in low tones, aiming for discreet. "You can check out the butts."

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FIC: “Hot N Cold” (PG-13, early!klaine)


Anon prompted: Ohio has record high temperatures. 
I’ve had this prompt in my ask for like, literal years? I wanna say I got it before s3 because I’m 95% certain I had already conceived of an idea for this story before Kurt and Blaine had canon had sex. And I definitely started writing it once long, long ago, and had the whole thing plotted out in my head, but between hard-drive failures and false starts it never took off. Until now!! It got less dirty because I wanted it to be canon compliant, but there you go; and it’s a little disjointed because I wanted so bad to include a bunch of specific things that were getting harder to string together, but I thought, what the hell, it’s just fun promptfic and I can do whatever I want!!

» TL;DR: “Hot N Cold,” summertime early-Klaine with silly Katy Perry and extreme temperatures and self-indulgent romanticization of window-unit AC.

Kurt opens the front door and immediately raises a hand to shield his face from the bright, oppressive light of the late-morning sun. It’s like walking into an open furnace, and not even his Paul Smith sunglasses and his SPF 100 are going to spare his suffering. He squints out across the lawn to where the mower is waiting, red and dingy brown-grey-black, as if it hasn’t a care in the world. Kurt’s scowl deepens, and for about the eighth time that day, he groans, “I hate summer.”

Once more into the fray.

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welcomemoon prompted: AU in which Kurt is having trouble with his phone/laptop and takes it to the Apple store where he meets Blaine, who works there. :)

“Not it,” Tina says, as a customer opens the door and parks himself at the table closest to the registers. She makes a beeline over to a group of young teens who have been messing with the iPad minis for nearly an hour now and are very obviously not going to buy anything.

Blaine finishes closing out the order he’d been working on and braces himself. If Tina would rather waste her time with a group of rowdy kids he can only imagine what sort of pain in the ass customer she spotted.

Blaine has a special knack for dealing with demanding, grouchy customers; he’s usually able to defuse the situation and soothe any issues. But that sure as hell doesn’t mean he enjoys it.

When he looks up to get a better look at the guy Tina nodded to before disappearing, Blaine is both surprised and pleased. He doesn’t look particularly angry, just impatient; tapping his fingers on the tabletop and sighing loudly. And he’s pretty hot. Blaine can deal with hot and slightly annoyed, no problem.

“Hi there! My name is Blaine, how can I help you?”

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"Back to the Start" - Kurt/Blaine


Arranged marriage AU where Kurt, a NYC fashion designer, loses his husband, moves back to Lima to recover/take care of his dad, and is paired up for remarriage with Blaine, who is a senior at McKinley.

Warnings: Kurt is 26, Blaine is 18, so age difference.  OC & minor character death.  A lot of talk about grief.  Some unhealthy coping, as well as some not-so-healthy sexual interaction related to those issues.  Nothing too heavy, IMO, but consider yourself warned.

This is all Johnna's fault, as usual.

"There has to be some mistake," Kurt says to the woman sitting at the computer behind the counter.

She’s wearing a blouse that’s a size too big, and her flyaway hair makes him want to take a brush to her. Focusing on these details is the only thing that’s keeping him from going completely psycho on her. She has the stone-face politeness that state and government workers learn to perfect, and he is angrier than he has been in a very long time. After what he’s been through this year, being angry almost feels good. And then he remembers why he’s here.

"You are Kurt Hummel? The address and email and phone number in the email that you received was correct?" she asks.

"Yes," he says, shaking the printout in his hand. He’s had to go through three people just to get to her, and now he’s sure that she isn’t a manager of any kind. "Look, I’ve only been in town for two months. My deferment—"

Her eyes scan the computer screen in front of her. “Your extended grief deferment expired eighteen days ago, Mr. Hummel. You officially changed your address to Lima fifty five days ago. You are employed, financially stable, and have a permanent residence here. When your deferment ended, you were issued a spousal assignment in the system. There’s nothing that we can do to change this, as you must be aware, since you have been married before. You’ve been assigned a marriage date. If you and your future spouse want to change the location from the courthouse to something more personalized, that is entirely up to you.”

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Title: (Let That Dark Water) Take Me Home [AO3]
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Word Count: ~7,500 words
Summary: AU. Kurt is a sailor, drifting in the middle of the ocean after the ship he was working on burned down. He hasn’t seen any signs of life in days, but somehow there’s a dark-haired boy leaning against his lifeboat and asking if he can keep him company.
Warnings: Mentions of shipwrecks, risky seafaring, and anything related to that.

A/N: Sailor!Kurt and merman!Blaine, inspired by this gorgeous art but with a little twist in the end. The title is from Where We Went Wrong by The Hush Sound (which has some amazing sailing imagery and therefore seemed fitting). 


Kurt really wishes the weather was at least a bit cloudier. Or that it would rain, even a little.

He has been drifting for a few days already, after a barrel of gunpowder caught fire on the ship he was working on and he was the only one who managed to get away from the flames and explosions. At least he thinks he’s the only one — he saw some of the other lifeboats shatter to pieces during the first explosion, and a few of his fellow sailors sank beneath the waves as he was trying to get to them on his own boat. He didn’t particularly like the people he was working with on this ship, but they were still his co-workers, still people, and now they’re…

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Crema (Mini) Prompt Fill #66


Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating/Length: G / ~500

Anonymous said: crema prompt? or answer? cooper and blaine bickering and kurt finding it cute/funny? or kurt and blaine bickering? :)

All Prompt Fills, with descriptions, can be found in the Masterpost and also on A03, with the main body of the story.

(AO3 link)

“Why won’t you just listen to me?  For once!”

“Because you’re wrong.  You’re so very wrong.”

Blaine throws his hands up in what Kurt knows is fond exasperation.  “There is no way to be wrong about this.”

“Oh, but there is.  And you are.”

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Nightbird: College AU Edition


Word Count: 1,659

Klainebingo prompt: Superpower

Kurt wasn’t entirely sure how it had happened, but somehow his ordinary Wednesday had turned into an attempted mugging, and now he was being walked home by a superhero. An actual superhero. He had, of course heard of Nightbird before - everyone in New York had, he was kind of famous - but he hadn’t exactly expected to find himself in somewhat casual conversation with the man.

“So, Nightbird,” he asked, “what do you do when you aren’t out rescuing people?”

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Such a Good Feeling (To Know You’re Alive)


Warnings: BDSM, sex work, humiliation, exhibitionism, masturbation
Summary: “I guess I just wanted to be the center of attention for a while. Have someone tell me how great I am while I take a little break from life.” Kurt goes to a professional Dom for a nice gentle scene of simple orders and praise.
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: ~7500
Betas: neyronrose and wowbright - Thank you so much! :D

Kurt hesitated on the doorstep. He checked the address on his phone again, looked down the street and then back at the number on the door. It was a townhouse in the middle of a row of them on a quiet cul-de-sac with no visitor parking, and he’d had to walk a couple blocks from the meter where he’d parked. Finally he rang the doorbell with three minutes to spare before his appointment.

A moment later the door was opened by a smiling, handsome man in a bright red polo and rolled-up jeans that revealed his ankles. “Hi!”

“Hi…” Kurt glanced behind him, then back toward the man. “I’m not sure if I’m in the right place…”

“Are you looking for a weird kinky dungeon thing in some guy’s basement?”

Kurt laughed out loud.

“Because if so, you found it!” He stood aside and held the door open as Kurt stepped through. “You must be Kurt.”

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for the fic thing klaine and 14? *u*


14: lab partners au

It’s only been three periods since Blaine started at William McKinley High School, and he already feels out of his depth.

He stands by his locker—the only place he’s really been able to grasp the location of so far—and tries to decipher the map he’s been given. He knows his next period is chem lab, but where the hell is classroom 36C?

Eventually he spots it—of course, on the far side of the building—and hurries there, not wanting to leave a bad impression by being late on his first day. The bell rings just as he slips inside the door to a slightly shabby looking lab room, students milling around the workbenches as they settle down before the lesson.

The teacher, a middle-aged woman with greying hair, smiles at him from the desk and shuffles through a stack of papers. “Blaine Anderson, am I correct?”

Blaine steps over, aware of the eyes of the class on him. “Yes, ma’am. First day.”

"Alright. Find yourself a seat and we can get started, okay?"

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Klaine, 22/24? Please!


22: two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

24: literally bumping into each other au

Fucking Rachel and her fucking extravagant wedding and her fucking petals getting everywhere and her fucking life.

Why does he even have to be here, anyway? Where was she when he got his first part as a backing dancer in an off-Broadway production, or when he sold his first jacket on etsy for over $200? Where was she when he went through the worst break-up of his life or when his band split up?

He sighs, and rubs the inner corners of his eyes. He does love Rachel, really. She can just get incredibly annoying sometimes, and it’s not much better being at a wedding where everything reminds him of what he could have had.

As soon as the reception is in swing, he heads over to the bar, determined to bury his misery in several units of alcohol—he’s booked a room in the hotel the reception is being held at, doesn’t need to drive anywhere. He decides to start classy with a glass of wine, and unwind as the evening is sure to.

He stands at the edge of the room, sipping his wine and scanning the crowd. At least the evening could brighten up a bit with a few single guys looking for someone to dance with, but no. Everybody has a partner to drink and dance with.

Huffing grumpily, he turns round to go and sit down at a table, and walks his glass of wine right into a very crisp, very white shirt.

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