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anonymous prompted: Kurt and Blaine somehow swap bodies the morning of their wedding and are panicking

well this went further than I expected

He’s not sure why he wakes up; it feels like he hasn’t slept long enough, but judging by the light outside the window, it must only be an hour or so before he usually gets up. He can sense Blaine next to him, still fast asleep. It’s unusual for Kurt to wake up before Blaine, and he’s not (often) superstitious or anything but it seems like something always goes wrong on these days.

But nothing can or will go wrong today - he’s getting married, damn it. It’s going to be one of the best days of his life, and the inconsequential fact that he somehow woke up before his husband-to-be won’t change that if he can help it.

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Anonymous prompted: Blaine being all sleepy when kurt is making breakfast like him cuddling kurt from behind etc thanks!

Kurt slips out of bed, although it isn’t easy - Blaine clings like a limpet in the morning, snuffling a little in his sleep when Kurt finally manages to pull away and slides a pillow in his place, letting Blaine snuggle that instead.

He admittedly misses the cozy warmth of his and Blaine’s nest of blankets, standing in the open kitchen as he stretches and yawns, pulling ingredients out from the fridge. But he loves getting the chance to surprise Blaine, too. It’s so rare that he’s up before his fiancé and presented with the opportunity to spoil Blaine with pancakes.

Kurt’s preoccupied enough with cooking that he doesn’t hear the soft shuffle of feet until Blaine’s arms are sliding around his waist and a nose is nuzzling at the back of Kurt’s shoulder, through the thin material of his t-shirt. Blaine makes a muffled sleepy noise and Kurt’s face wrinkles with a smile. “Good morning.”

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Falling, Flying



2x22 reaction fic; Klaine; 800 words.
Blaine knew it, as sure as he had ever known anything. He was in love with Kurt Hummel.


"Blaine? Popcorn or brownies? Or both, my mom has both ready, whatever you want…"

Blaine tore his gaze away from his phone and looked at Trent, who was standing in the doorway of his own living room, patiently waiting for Blaine to answer. “Popcorn would be great, thanks.”

"Popcorn, check. Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back. Coke okay?"

Blaine nodded and wandered around the room as Trent went to talk to his mom, examining the photographs on the mantle. Trent looked comfortable and relaxed in the pictures, sandwiched in between an older and a younger sister, all of them smiling Trent’s sunshiny smile. He thought it would be nice to do that for his kids, someday, if he could - give them siblings to grow up with, close and knowing. Not that having kids was something he should be thinking about now, but he couldn’t help it if images of him and Kurt with little fashionable toddlers in tow had suddenly replaced whatever foggy thoughts of family he used to indulge in.

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Chivalry [Kurt/Blaine] PG



With bonus Blaine saving Kurt from bees in a rather unconventional fashion (based off a Parks and Recs post.)

~2,000 words

“I really hope that’s a metaphor.”

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jillypickle prompted: How about single dad Kurt meets single dad Blaine because their teenagers start dating?

“Okay tell me again. You’re going on what with who now?”

Audrey sighs like the weight of the world is draped across her narrow shoulders and pushes her broccoli around on her plate. “On a date. With a boy. I told you like, a million times Dad, god.

“Okay, first let’s watch the tone,” Kurt says and she huffs, then stabs a broccoli with the tines of her fork. “Second, you are thirteen. Even if you were allowed to date, which you aren’t by the way because you are thirteen, where would you go? How would you get there? Bicycle? Razor Scooter to a romantic picnic under the monkey bars perhaps?”

She scowls and Kurt can’t help the teasing smile on his face. It’s too easy and she’s so cute when she’s pissed off at him. Well, sometimes. The door slamming isn’t his favorite.

“It’s not funny.” She takes a bite of food then looks up, big sad eyes and defeated posture and that does not bode well for his resolve. “He’s really nice and super polite and he said his dad would come and he even asked if I would accompany him to the movies like, who says that? He’s really cute Dad, all the girls in class think so. And Toby.”

“Well if Toby thinks so,” Kurt jokes again, but Audrey still looks put out so Kurt relents. “Okay. Get me his dad’s number and as long as he’s onboard and will be staying with you the entire time I’ll consider it.”

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xohrhchriscolfer prompted: klaine showering together because kurt thinks it will save time/hot water in the mornings, but blaine can’t keep his hands to himself and kurt’s getting frustrated like “seriously blaine I SAID NO FUNNY BUSINESS”

Blaine yawns again and nuzzles at Kurt’s shoulder, sliding his fingers just underneath Kurt’s fuzzy robe to grip at his hip. “Mmm, and why did you drag me out of bed for shower sex again?”

"I said for showering, Blaine. Not shower sex. This way we’re saving water and we don’t have to fight over one of us using too much hot water—”

"It’s you," Blaine supplies helpfully. "You’re the one who always uses too much hot water."

"Anyway," Kurt says loudly, "there’s no reason we can’t just share a shower and get clean together. Other couples do it all the time, don’t they?"

Blaine strokes his fingers over Kurt’s bare skin, tilting his chin up to give Kurt a considering look. “The tub is pretty small, though. Are you sure we’re not going to have sex?”

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Title:  The Anderson Rose

Author: missbeizy

Rating:  M

Summary:  In the mountains of what was once the Northeastern United States of America, the descendants of a band of refugees who had escaped New York City at the end of a great World War are beginning to thrive after almost a thousand years of struggle. Relying on a combination of bits and pieces of advanced technology salvaged from the remains of great cities, as well as the still-pristine forest that they now call home, the people of Westerville are determined to rebuild a world in which peace, love, and cooperation mean more than victory, greed, and wealth.

Pairing:  Klaine

Word count:  ~192,800

Status:  complete

Chapters:  24

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mins80 prompted: both are babysitting & meet in a park/playgroup

Klaine alternate meeting AU

It figures that Cooper’s last minute, just want to see you baby brother let’s catch up visit to New York would actually lead to him being stuck with Cooper’s demon-spawn while he gallivants around the city with his wife “networking.”

Blaine does actual air-quotes in his living room, all alone with Ace who okay, isn’t that awful, hemmed in by his playpen that is now devoid of toys, instead thrown in various places around Blaine’s apartment. Blaine has learned not to give them back unless he wants to to get creamed in the face by Sophie the Giraffe again.

“Alright kid, while your mom and dad are busy harassing directors and charming their way backstage, even though I have a very distinct memory of your dad telling me Broadway is dead, but whatever that’s not the point…” Blaine rolls his eyes and huffs and he’s getting off track and now Ace is standing up and rattling the playpen back and forth.

“Let’s go to the park,” he announces, reaching for his nephew who gives a high wailing screech in reply. Blaine’s ears ring. Well, he can certainly project his voice. Cooper must be thrilled.

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Nationals [Kurt/Blaine] PG


A missing New Directions sleepover that took place the night before Nationals (a la Season 3).

Written for the lovely kurtsies​, who prompted: “blaine sitting all snuggled up between kurt’s legs and falling asleep with his face tucked into kurt’s neck in front of like, all of new directions. and. and. and. cute. yes. *o*”


~1,700 words

Upon reflection, Mr. Schuester probably should have realized that corralling sixteen teenagers into four hotel rooms was a recipe for disaster.

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Anonymous prompted: AU where Kurt and Blaine live in the same apartment building and meet when Kurt accidentally gets some of Blaine’s mail. :)

Blaine is almost finished dressing, the material of his striped bow tie draped over his shoulders when he answers the insistent knocking at his apartment door.

It’s not the sweet old woman down the hall looking for her cat again, though, like Blaine expects it to be. It’s a ridiculously stunning guy who looks like he’s just walked off a runway, and Blaine only belatedly thinks to say, “Hi.”

"Hi! I’m your neighbor from down the hall, Kurt Hummel." He holds out his hand, and Blaine reaches for it, still struck by how gorgeous this guy is, his voice soft and high and his smile bright, a little mischievous. "You’re Blaine, right?"

"Um," Blaine says, his brain drawing a blank. Oh god, he is Blaine, right? “Of- of course.”

Kurt bites at his lip, still grinning. “You don’t seem too sure about that.”

Blaine huffs out a nervous laugh, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck when he feels himself flush. “Sorry, you kind of caught me off-guard. Would you like to come in?”

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