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Fic: Socks in a Box (Klaine, PG)


Summary: Kurt helps Blaine pack and gets flustered by his sock collection. Or, sometimes the most frustrating thing about a relationship is yourself. New New York (5.14) episode reaction. Thanks to chiasmuslovesme and nachochang for the look-over! PG, ~2,000 words.

Also on AO3.

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Socks in a Box

Kurt becomes suddenly, irrationally angry the night before Blaine moves out. Kurt is in their room (well, his room, really – he needs to start thinking of it as his room again, just like he did for all those months, right up until the moment that Blaine decided to move out and Kurt suddenly became comfortable with thinking of it as theirs). He’s folding Blaine’s things into boxes, and Blaine in the kitchen, making a vanilla-and-cinnamon concoction with the SodaStream machine to flavor their nightly warm milk.

It’s not the noise of the machine that sets Kurt off; in the past week, he’s developed a certain affection for it. Even the things that annoy you about the person you love develop an endearing quality when you know those things won’t be a daily part of your existence anymore – or not for a while, at least.

And it’s not the fact that Kurt is alone in the room, packing Blaine’s stuff without Blaine’s assistance. Categorizing things into boxes is one of Kurt’s favorite activities, but it’s hard to do while chatting away with your fiance. Alone, Kurt can focus on the process, enter a meditative state where everything clicks and he understands how to fit it all together.

But then Kurt gets to the socks.

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Fic: Truth Time


luckyjak prompted: Klaine, pretending to be dating before actually dating. :)

It all starts innocently enough.

They become friends freshman year when they meet in Dance 101 and bond over the fact that they keep messing up the same moves again and again.

A year later they’re both better dancers and closer friends, so Blaine is not all surprised at first by Kurt’s question when they hang out in the quad after voice class.

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"Too Much Is Just Enough" - Kurt/Blaine


Alien!Blaine + human!Kurt.  Tentacle porn.

Who promised me money again?  ;)

Warnings for: barebacking (without possibility of consequence), oversensitivity, tentacle!sex, and size kink.

He isn’t up here to throw himself off. Really. Okay, so maybe it looks that way—but honestly, he’d have to climb over quite a lot of stuff to get to that edge, and he’s already freezing, and he’s not up here to throw himself off, remember?

It’s New Year’s Eve, he’s twenty years old, his date ditched him for a dancer ten minutes into the Vogue mixer; he needs some space and air and to remind himself that he is fabulous and he doesn’t need anyone in his life to remind him of that fact.

And he is sad. But not that kind of sad.

He also isn’t alone, but he doesn’t realize this until a terribly earnest voice shouts, “Don’t do it! You have so much to live for.”

He freezes, clutches his overcoat a little tighter around himself, and turns. Halfway across the rooftop is an attractive man around his own age, dark hair slicked back, hazel eyes wild with concern, and a compact body sheathed in a Topman slim suit that looks better on him than on most of the models who Kurt has seen wearing them.

"Uh," he says, "I’m not up here to jump?"

"It’s okay," the man says. "You’re not alone."

"No, really," he replies, backing up because this guy might be nuts and Kurt is definitely out of range to shout for help all the way up here. "I’m not going to jump."

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Fic: …Or Forever Hold Your Peace


Idoltina prompted: 

Oh god, you know what I need that I haven’t seen yet? I need fic of Kurt going back to NYADA after getting engaged and people don’t know that he’s gay and they see his ring and assume that he’s married to Rachel.

…Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Kurt goes back to New York with a spring in his step and Blaine’s ring on his finger. It’s perfection. He plays with the ring, reveling in its weight. He holds out his hand like a model, like a diva, like Beyoncé, just to see it catch the light. Santana tells him he’s revolting but he doesn’t care in the slightest, because now he has Blaine back for good, and the ring is his proof. He feels like singing every time he thinks about it.

He’s waiting in the hall before class when one of his classmates catches him admiring it. “Made it official, huh?”

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This reaction fic this is becoming a thing. 5.15. Mentions of assault and violence. Burty-Burt-Burt POV and some snuggled up boys.


            It’s his fourth morning at the check-out desk. Burt has his bag at his feet, his cap tucked in his armpit, and a cramp navigating between his chest and throat. Only a few blocks away, his son is finally home, resting in Blaine’s arms. He doesn’t doubt it. Or them. But when the receptionist ends his call, Burt smiles weakly and says, “Another day, please, Ernie.”

            “You wanna just start paying rent?” Ernie offers, but he chuckles and checks Burt in for his eight day. “Here ya go.”

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So I was thinking about how different season 1 would be if maybe Kurt experimented his sexuality with Quinn instead of Brittany. And things also went further….

Summary: AU where Kurt is the father of Quinn’s baby. (Yeah, I know.) Then Kurt meets Blaine and wonders how he’ll react. 

Warnings: yes Kurt has sex with Quinn that’s a thing (but not shown graphically or anything duh) 

I’ve been writing this for a good two weeks or so and so when Quinn said she donated the egg you can probably tell I was freaking out. 

Kurt hears the argument Finn and Quinn have in the room down the hall, of course. It’s rather loud. He hears the door open and slam again. Honestly, he doesn’t think much of it, until he goes downstairs to the kitchen and looks out the window to see Quinn’s little red car in the driveway, though it’s must have been ten minutes since the fight.

Kurt doesn’t know Quinn well at all. They are now in Glee together, but it’s only been a few weeks and they’ve never talked. So Kurt isn’t sure why he goes outside and knocks on the passenger side window. Probably because Quinn is crying in there by herself.

It’s sad.

“Are you…okay?” he asks as he slides into the passenger seat.

Quinn shakes her head and brings her hand up to wipe away tears from her cheeks. “Why are – why are guys so stupid?”

Kurt’s hear races. “I guess I should take offense.”

“He doesn’t get it,” says Quinn. She must mean Finn. “I don’t think he actually really likes me.”

Kurt reaches over and pats Quinn’s hand. She ends up taking it and holding it tightly. “I’m sure he does. I mean – you’re beautiful, Quinn. What’s not to like?”

Quinn looks to him with a strange expression. “You…think I’m beautiful?”

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Fic: Nimble Fingers, Klaine


Title: Nimble Fingers

Pairing: Klaine

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Sexting, masturbating with an unaware (sleeping) person in the room, allusions to barebacking, comeplay, oral, anal, wall!sex.

Summary: After Blaine moves to the new apartment Kurt asks him for a certain sort of distraction in the night.

Words: ~1000

Also on AO3


B: Hey, I think our History of Theatre textbooks ended up together, can you please bring mine? XXX

K: Will do - even though you just left it here so I’d do your heavy lifting ;)

B: Oh, I didn’t expect you to see this until tomorrow, hope my text didn’t wake you.

K: No, couldn’t sleep. It’s weird you not being here.

B: It’s weird being here without you. And only being able to hear Sam’s sleeping noises - it feels downright quiet after the loft.

K: Aww, honey. This is the right thing, though, isn’t it? Sorry I’m not there to distract you the weird sound Sam makes.

B: I think it is. Plus, you’re distracting me now. I have do not disturb on though, so sorry if I take a moment to reply. Don’t want alerts waking him up.

K: I’m distracting you now, or I’m *distracting* you now. Because I kinda meant the second one.

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NYC Fiances + Mirror Sex WOOO! I wrote this out quickly so I apologize for any errors. ~1300 words. They switch, if in case that’s a thing to warn for.

The first time he notices it, Blaine doesn’t say anything. Well, nothing useful, anyway. It’s kind of hard to form coherent thoughts when Kurt is riding him into oblivion. 

The angle is off, but if Blaine turns his head a certain way, he can see Kurt’s thighs and the swell of his ass as he rolls his hips. Blaine gasps for air as he watches Kurt slam down hard while their moans echo through the blessedly empty loft. It’s a little distracting, and Blaine falls out of rhythm until Kurt whines above him. He focuses, grabs Kurt’s hips and plants his feet, and fucks up into him until they’re both sweaty and spent. 

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Klaine fic: Hold Me Close


(A/N: I saw this post earlier today, and I couldn’t help but fic it because omfg most adorable promt ever!  I’m tagging those that requested a fic like this one in their reblogs - hope this fits the bill!)

***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***

Okay, so maybe Kurt shouldn’t have bought the pillow at that sketchy shop on the corner with all the weird things in jars.  But it was half the price of the same pillow online (not that he’d been searching for one online, of course not), and he was living on an intern’s budget, and as used to sleeping alone as he might be, the thought of another person’s arm, snug and warm around his body, made him yearn.

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ems said a thing and so this happened in my head 

it’s like ~730 words of dumb idiots in love and poor elliott being caught in the middle (literally) 

"He doesn’t do it all the time, but sometimes you can just tell, by his eyes, that he is so happy, and he gets this adorable little scrunchy look on his face, you know the one, right?” Blaine paused for breath, “Elliott?”  

"Oh- I, uh-yeah," Elliott grabbed for his bedside alarm to check the clock for what felt like the eighty-fifth time that night. "He’s, uh, adorable." 

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