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5x17 reaction fic. 

They start off together, bodies swaying and bouncing to the beat, Kurt closing his eyes and dancing and mouthing along to the song. When opens them again Blaine’s profile is lit up in flashing sweeps of green-purple-blue, green-purple-blue.

Kurt watches Blaine’s hips swivel, moves closer and matches him pivot for pivot and thrust for thrust. He turns his head to a heavy beat, turns back and Blaine is doing series of moves with mesh-shirt guy, spinning away, drifting off, but Kurt doesn’t mind. Blaine always manages to stay in Kurt’s gravitational pull no matter how far away he wanders.

Kurt dances on the platform for a while, then in a big group with Rachel, just dancing with abandon, feeling young and hopeful and so happy for her, so happy for all of them, and it’s probably evident in every wild flail of his arms and shimmy of his shoulders, but no one there judges him. They whoop and laugh and dance around him in flashing rainbow lights and tight bodies and trailing hands.

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Satisfaction’s Guaranteed - NC-17


Title: Satisfaction’s Guaranteed
Author: istytehcrawk
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,041
Summary: Blaine can’t take his eyes off the guy in the center of the dance floor.
Author’s Note: Thanks to Dany (fruitydany) for the beta!

Also available on AO3.


Note: Listen to this song as you read. 


It starts with drums.

A slow, steady, sensual beat, one Blaine vaguely recognizes but can’t quite place. He takes a sip of his drink, listening and watching the crowd as they move along with the rhythm. For now, at least, he’s content just to sit here in the corner, watching. Maybe he’ll join in later. Maybe not.

When the guitar kicks in, the crowd separates as if by command. There’s one guy left standing in the center, and the sight of him makes Blaine’s mouth water. Blaine can only see him from the back, but he’s clad head-to-toe in skin-tight, black perfection — a thin, short-sleeved shirt that does absolutely nothing to conceal his strong shoulders or slim waist and skinny jeans that show off every inch of his long, muscular legs, clear down to his stylish black boots, one of which is tapping in time with the beat.

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Based on this Graham Norton tibit: Musical star Blaine Anderson and fashion designer Kurt Hummel end up at the same talk show on the same night, and Blaine learns that the Internet is very dangerous. ~1.000 words

Contrary to how Blaine was feeling now; he was actually really good at interviews and talk shows. He had the charm, the looks and the hidden humor he could sneak in every so often. Before tonight he was an absolute star in sitting confidently on a couch while the weirdest questions were thrown at him, but as said - that was before he was sharing a couch with fashion icon and designer Kurt Hummel, who was promoting his new line while Blaine was simultaneously promoting his new musical.

You know, the same Kurt Hummel he had been crushing on since he saw his spread in Vogue magazine.

Blaine had been seated on the couch first, talked a bit about his next Broadway hit and suddenly he was scooting over because Kurt was called on. They had met for a minute in the green room, simply sharing some chitchat about the weather and New York and not long after, Blaine had been whisked away on stage.

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Blaine is a bad liar prompt: How Kurt figured out Blaine was planning to propose


in the end, it wasn’t the suit that gave it away, though that gave Kurt a cue on how to dress for the occasion. It wasn’t the secret phone calls that kept taking Blaine away from their date nights, or the receipt for 1000 rose petals that Kurt found in on the floor of Blaine’s car. 

It was the fact that Burt stopped questioning Blaine about anything. Moreover, Burt wouldn’t let Kurt question Blaine about anything, either. 

There was the time that Blaine mentioned in passing having visited Dalton recently. 

"What were you doing at Dalton?" Kurt asked, tilting his head in the way he knew he did when he was perplexed and a little unhappy with what he was hearing. Blaine’s face turned red as his mouth dropped open, working over silent syllables.

"A guy has a right to go out for a drive, Kurt," Burt said loudly. "You don’t have to interrogate the poor guy."

"I’m not interrogating," Kurt said, turning to his father in confusion. "I just asked—"

"Yeah, well, he said, didn’t he?" Burt said. "Now how about some ice cream."

"You can’t have ice cream, Dad," Kurt said, and soon they were off on the topic of acceptable desserts. 

It wasn’t until after the desserts had been eaten and Blaine had gone home for the night that Kurt realized that his dad had used his own diversion techniques against him.

Then there were the myriad number of phone calls Blaine kept receiving. 

"I just don’t know who you’re talking to all the time," Kurt said, and Blaine’s eyebrows began to crumple in the way they always did before he confessed something. 

"Blaine, I need you in here!" Burt called suddenly. "There is something very important happening in a sports thing."

"I’ll be right there!" Blaine said, looking terribly, terribly relieved. "Sorry, Kurt. It’s a sports thing."

"Uh huh," Kurt said, crossing his arms as Blaine bolted from the room. 

All of that was enough to tell Kurt that something was going on, and that both Blaine and his dad were in on it. But it wasn’t until Blaine asked Kurt what he thought the most romantic song of all time was that Kurt put all the pieces together.

"All You Need is Love," Kurt replied. "Why, you planning on using that to propose to me?"

Blaine’s eyes widened. “Look, a cockroach!” Burt hollered, running into  the room and shoving the two boys apart. 

"Dad!" Kurt shrieked. "Do not even joke about that."

"Oh, my mistake," Burt said, grabbing Blaine’s shoulder. "It was just a feather."

"What?" Kurt said, frowning.

"I mean, a shadow," Burt said. "Now I’m gonna take Blaine here, and we’re gonna go outside for a while because that is a thing that we do sometimes."

"Okay," Kurt said, and watched as they walked out the door.

Blaine was going to propose to him, Kurt realized. And soon, he hoped—before the two most important men in his life lost their minds any more than they already had.

Blaine lying about planning the proposal!


It wasn’t just Burt that Blaine couldn’t lie to. He was bad at it in general, but the Hummel men in particular made it very, very difficult. Blaine liked to theorize that they were just more perceptive than most people, but he knew the truth—they were the two most important people in the world to him. He hated to let them down. He knew how much they valued honesty.

Still, from time to time there came something he wanted to try to keep close to his fabulous Brooks Brothers sweater vest, and planning a surprise engagement was certainly one of those times. Blaine thought he was in the clear because Burt was in on it—he didn’t even have to try lying to him about it—but he’d failed to account for the inquisitive nature of his fiance.

"Ooh, what’s with the new suit?" Kurt asked the day he walked into Blaine’s bedroom, gravitating immediately to the new mustard flannel in his closet. 

"Oh, you know, just figured, you can never have too many suits," Blaine said, impressed with himself. Kurt raised an eyebrow.

"This would coordinate perfectly with my new peacock blue blazer," Kurt said, running his fingers admiringly down the front of the jacket. Blaine sucked in a breath.

"Oh?" his voice squeaked, Kurt shot him a considering look. "I mean, that’s an interesting point. To consider."

"Did you buy a suit so you could coordinate with me?" Kurt said, his eyes wide. Blaine exhaled. 

"Yes?" Blaine said. Kurt grinned and clapped his hands together.

"That is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me," Kurt said, before bouncing over to wrap his arms around Blaine’s neck before kissing him deeply. 

"We need to come up with an fabulous event to wear our new jackets to," Kurt said, breaking away from the kiss for a moment. 

Blaine just dove back in to kiss him again. If he couldn’t lie to him, he could at least distract him for a while.


Youtuber!Kurt verse: Kurt introduces the fandom to his new boyfriend

"Hey everybody!" Kurt smiles at the camera, and then smiles at Blaine where he’s perched awkwardly just beyond the reach of the lens. "Okay, so a lot of you have been asking me if there have been any new developments in my love life since I broke up with my ex. From the title of this video, you’ve probably already guessed that yes, Kurt Hummel has a new man in his life, and I want to introduce him to all of you."

He pats the bed next to him, and Blaine scoots close to him with an awkward little smile and a wave. “Hi. Um…I’m Blaine. I’m Kurt’s boyfriend.”

ohmygosh he’s so cute!


ooh mr hummel is that a hickey i can see? ;) #get it

damn that blaine has some nice arms

wait a second…is that the-

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fic: worth the wait


So it’s the ever lovely and angelic Bobbi’s birthday and since I know everyone’s been waiting for this since day one, welcome to Youtuber!Kurt verse: the first time they meet

"Blaine, we’re gonna go and check out the NYADA dorms, wanna come with?" Tina asks, piling their plates and empty cups onto a trap and folding up a tip, laying it on top of the empty plate. Blaine nods slowly and stands up. He’s tucking his chair in when someone bounces off his side, and he turns around almost immediately to steady the person.

Only for his gaze to meet familiar blue eyes and his jaw to drop open in shock. “Kurt?”

"Oh my God, Blaine!” Kurt squeaks out, his face breaking out into a grin. “What are you doing here?” He throws his arms around Blaine, pulling him in close, and it hits both of them at the same time that this is the first time they’ve ever touched. Kurt smells like spice and cake and coffee, and his arms are so strong wrapped around Blaine’s waist. He’d suspected, from how sculpted Kurt’s biceps are, but he’d never imagined it would feel this right to be held by him.

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Youtuber!Kurt verse: People start to notice Blaine’s relationship with Kurt. And he starts to see the far uglier side of the fandom that once saved him

Once they start talking regularly, on Skype and private messages and, after Kurt breaches the subject of exchanging phone numbers with an awkward clear of his throat, over text, it seems like a natural step to follow each other on every available social media. Kurt is favouriting and replying to so many of Blaine’s tweets, reblogging silly posts and fashion posts from him, liking all his personal posts and sifting through his Facebook photo albums, commenting on the oldest, most embarrassing pictures that make Blaine squirm and smile. They’re talking, publicly, and it’s obvious that they’re friends. Kurt’s started putting a little art spot at the end of his videos, featuring his favourite - safe for work - fanarts, and plenty of the pieces are Blaine’s.

It’s a dream come true for Blaine, and every time he sneaks a glance at his phone to see a new retweet or a new reply to a post or a new comment on a status or a new like on Instagram he can’t help but grin. Being friends with Kurt Hummel is everything he’s ever dreamed of - Kurt is sweet and witty and so unbelievably kind, full of advice and silly jokes and occasional nudges whenever Blaine doesn’t want to do homework or housework or something he has to do.

His name starts cropping up around Tumblr and Twitter, a debate raging about who he is. People speculate that he’s an ex-boyfriend, a long-lost friend, a cousin Kurt’s recently connected with, a friend with benefits. And, for the most part, things are friendly and fun and no one really prods deep for information. His follower count keeps going up and up, and people are even more vocal about his drawings, particularly the drawings Kurt continues to prompt every week like a ritual.

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fic: hashtag for reference


anonymous prompted: after like a week kurt meekly asks if it’s still okay if he sends requests and blaine of course says absolutely and then they accidentally just fall into a deep conversation about kurt’s deepest kinks and blaine draws them and then at the end kurt. just. gives him his number his skype

anonymous prompted: they become skype buddies one day while they’re both drinking kurt admits that the one inaccurate detail blaine always misses is that kurt has a specific birthmark on his butt. and of course he shows him quickly for you know. accuracy

Clicking onto his inbox again as if the number of messages might change, Blaine sighs and closes the window, spinning his chair around and wondering if Kurt will ever send him another request. He did tell him not to be embarrassed, that there was nothing to worry about, and he didn’t answer the drunk message in case Kurt felt too awkward about it to keep talking to him. This could be such a special relationship, and he doesn’t want to ruin it.

When the tiny bubble appears one day over his inbox, Blaine nearly knocks his laptop off the desk in his haste to grab the mouse and click the icon.

wickedkurt asked you: hi…is it still okay that i send you requests? if it is, would you keep listing the prompts as anonymous?

bowtiesandpencils replied: honestly, kurt, it’s fine that you send me prompts. it’s flattering. and of course i’ll keep you anonymous. i don’t want to out you, so to speak

wickedkurt asked you: *giggles* you must be one of the nicest people on this website. okay, this week’s request is *drumroll* a waist-up view of me getting blown. don’t draw the person.

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anonymous prompted: youtuber!kurt prompt: kurt accidentally forgets to hit anon on a request and blaine is literally the sweetest thing ever and promises to keep kurt’s secret

wickedkurt asked you: can i please prompt kurt dirty dancing in a club? thank you :) ~ request anon

wickedkurt asked you: oh my god please don’t look at that last ask, i forgot to hit anon

wickedkurt asked you: i’m so embarrassed, please don’t judge me

bowtiesandpencils replied: don’t be embarrassed, please. i promise i’m not judging you…i’m just a little confused. all of those requests for those really nsfw drawings…that was you?

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