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5x07 reaction fic(let). 

“Kurt, pass me that seaweed infused moisturizing bronzer you sent please.” Blaine finishes wiping the remnants of his sugar scrub from the corners of his nose, under his jaw and at his hairline and waits. “Kurt?”

“Actually. I was wrong. Your color is perfect already, like vintage sepia.”

Blaine sets down his washcloth to tilt his head and coo. “That’s so sweet, Kurt thank you.”

“Also no one mixes and matches patterns like you. Not even Andre Benjamin.”

“Hmm that is true.” Blaine rubs in some raw shea butter instead. “Will you make me some chamomile tea?”

“Of course,” Kurt says immediately,

“And then listen to me name my top twenty 70‘s glam rock bands in order from least to most theatrical and perform all of their top five songs?”

Kurt nods, places a soft hand gentle on Blaine’s cheek and says seriously, “I would love nothing more.”

He’s so busy staring into Kurt’s beautiful blue eyes that the Skype call startles him and he hits accept with his elbow and doesn’t have time to yank the puppet off of his hand.

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Ficlet: Look


5x05 reaction ficlet. Basically just Skype sex. Because it needed to happen.

“How much longer, what do you think?” Blaine asks quietly, shuffling around until he’s lying on his side, bending the laptop screen so Kurt has the perfect view of his face resting on his soft pillow.

“I don’t know, she’s stopped singing to herself, so maybe half an hour?” Kurt’s fingers itch to reach out and touch, just like every night. It’s not fair that they still have to go to sleep in separate beds, separated by several states, every night. Not much longer, he tells himself, gazing longingly at Blaine’s lovely face on his laptop screen.

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calamityklaine prompted: a fic with some sort of quiet, tender interaction between the boys; maybe they’re married and Blaine comes home one night to find Kurt getting teary looking through their wedding album and they share a quiet, sweet, ‘god we’re so in love’ moment.

happy birthday dear ♥

Blaine gets home just as the sun’s starting to set, the warm glow of orange and pink light streaming in through their bedroom window. Kurt’s sitting on the bed, legs crossed and a book cradled carefully in his hands. He glances up when the door creaks as Blaine pushes it open, and his eyes are too-bright, wet. Blaine’s chest twists.


"Hi," Kurt says with a sniffle, lifting a hand to rub away tears that haven’t fallen yet. Blaine’s across the room in a few steps, sinking down to his knees next to Kurt, resting his chin on Kurt’s thigh. Kurt huffs out a laugh. "I’m fine, really. Just— well, look."

Kurt turns the book around in his lap and Blaine recognizes it immediately - they decorated it together after their honeymoon, after all - and smiles softly at the pictures of them standing together on the altar, beaming at each other with tears in their eyes.

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klaine holiday drabble #10


hooperbatch prompted: shaving

"Okay," Kurt says, almost done unpacking his suitcase, "you know I love you, but you’ve been staring at me ever since I got back from the airport and it’s starting to weird me out."

Blaine laughs, apparently not at all bothered by the accusation. “You forgot to take a razor with you, didn’t you?”

"Well, yeah, I hadn’t planned to stay an extra day. Why? Is it that bad?" Kurt reaches up to rub over his slightly scratchy chin, frowning.

Blaine just walks over to the foot of the bed, pulling Kurt’s hand away from his face and asking, “May I?” Kurt nods, oblivious, and then his eyes are fluttering shut because Blaine’s leaning in, nuzzling his cheek against Kurt’s jaw before kissing him slowly.

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As a guy that lives with a guy, this prompt spoke to me. Like deeply spoke to me.  

For the first couple of weeks, the loft is absolutely pristine. The dishes in the sink are cleaned and dried the moment they’re used, the floor is swept every other night, it’s perfect. 

Who ever told Blaine Anderson that living with roommates was difficult clearly never met the three wonderful people he lived with. 

Two weeks into the new school year, things start to change. Blaine expected the general upkeep of the loft to decline a bit, but what he’s most surprised about is the main culprit: Kurt Hummel. 

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[thank you] Blaine-A02, more computer-minded than human, handles central Ohio’s Internet searches. He’s been trained to to act as a middle man between the user and his or her search engine, working faster than the typical human brain allows thanks to government-funded programs. His existence is secret, but a certain user catches his attention.

inspired by x / warnings for mention of questionable authority treatment, bullying, and the stuff kurt went through in s2 (heart attack, death threat, etc)

Unbeknownst to the general public, an underground government program has its eyes on every Internet search in the country. Through rigorous training and questionable methods, certain individuals are trained to take in each search, evaluate it for security threats, and pass them on to the search engine’s results if no threat is discovered. The humans, after training, aren’t quite human anymore — more than anything, they are biological computers, even called “searchbots.”

Blaine-A02, born Blaine Anderson, is currently the youngest member of the team of hundreds. He’s assigned to central Ohio; oddly enough, it’s the area where he was born. Not that he can remember that meaningless detail. His brain is trained to take in, evaluate, and send off, all at impossible speeds. There’s no room for anything but utterly inhuman focus.

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domestic!klaine drabble inspired by suitfer’s gorgeous art where “it’s kurt’s turn to set the table but blaine is finally in new york and he’s sort of distracted”

"Are the plates still down here?" Blaine asks, bent over to look through the shelves against the wall, and it takes Kurt a second to stop staring at the delightfully rounded curve of Blaine’s butt and actually answer him. "Kurt?"

"Oh, um, no, they’re up in the cupboard. We learned Santana likes to throw plates when she’s angry and it’s better to keep them out of sight."

Blaine huffs out a laugh. “I… okay, thanks, good to know,” he says, pecking a kiss to Kurt’s cheek as he walks by. It isn’t until he’s on his tip-toes to reach the cupboard and Kurt is failing to hide a smile, chest warm with how much he loves getting to see his fiancé like this, that he realizes Blaine is trying to steal his job.

He walks over to the counter, pressing himself behind Blaine until he hears the sharp inhale of breath, the way Blaine leans back against Kurt’s chest. “It’s my turn to set the table, silly.”

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klaine holiday drabble #9


christopherdevon prompted: quilt

It’s miserably cold and windy outside, so Kurt isn’t surprised when Blaine comes home from work only to disappear into their bedroom and reappear in pajamas, the quilt from their bed - a wedding present from Blaine’s grandmother - wrapped around his shoulders.

Kurt grins, patting the spot on the couch next to him. “Warm up time?”

"Yes please," Blaine says. In an instant he shifts from the collected, charming music teacher he is at work to just Blaine - exhausted and unguarded as he snuggles into Kurt’s side, pulling the blanket around them both and resting his head against Kurt’s shoulder. “I miss summer. Remember what it was like to not have cold fingers all the time? That was nice.”

"C’mere," Kurt says with a short laugh, taking Blaine’s hands in his and sliding them just underneath his shirt, resting them over his hips. He shivers at the cool touch but Blaine’s fingers warm quickly, pressed so close to Kurt’s skin.

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We Could Be More Than Just Amazing (Klaine, R)


Title: We could be more than just amazing
Pairing: Klaine
Rating: R
Word count: ~6200
Summary: Kind of a college!AU. Kurt needs to tell Blaine something, so they have a talk. Then they have the talk, and then they do the thing.
Warnings: Transexual (ftm) Kurt, masturbation, fingering, blowjob.
A/N: Several weeks ago, I had a discussion on twitter about boypussy vs trans* characters in fic, and that discussion gave me the encouragement I needed to be able to write this fic. It features Kurt as transexual (without SRS), it contains no angst, and the only body dysphoria mentioned is in the past. If that bothers you, don’t read. If you want more details on it before reading, please feel free to ask! (also yes, the title is from Westlife). Thanks to artist-artists & ljummen for read-through, and special thanks to kuinnbastian & rain-bow-bow for support and encouragement!
Crossposts: AO3,, LJ


We need to talk. We need to talk. We need to talk.

Kurt runs the sentence through his head a million times while he moves the cutlery half an inch to the left, and then back again. They really do need to talk. Kurt is ready. He has maxed their hang-out time this week, just in case Blaine doesn’t want to ever see him again after this. They had coffee on Tuesday, went to the movies on Wednesday, managed to grab a quick lunch yesterday, and any minute now, Blaine is coming over here for dinner. If things work out, they still have the whole weekend to hang out, with Kurt much more relaxed than he’s been able to be before, and if things don’t work out…well, then Kurt has the whole weekend to himself to eat ice cream and watch crappy reality TV. It’s a brilliant plan, really.

If he can just figure out how to say it.

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teenblainegel prompted: Kurt is talking to some girl in one of his classes at NYADA and they’re gossiping about cute guys and she happens to mention this really gorgeous guy in one of her other classes, and how she’s pretty sure he likes her back, and it’s Blaine.

"You’re so lucky you have a fiance, Kurt," sighs his friend Sarah. Kurt looks up from their script for their two person scene. 

Kurt just grins at her. “Yeah,” he sighs. “I am.”

Sarah pushes his shoulder. “You already got your guy, leaving the rest of us to try to find a decent one in the pool of the single ones.” 

"Oh don’t worry so much," says Kurt. "You’re a nice girl. You’ll find someone." 

"Can I…tell you a secret?" asks Sarah, leaning forward a bit. "I might have found a someone that I would like to be my someone.” 

"Oh, a crush, I do like a good crush," says Kurt, tossing his script aside. "Do tell." 

"Well, he’s a freshman," says Sarah. "But he’s in my voice class. He’s just - so dreamy. So attractive and sweet. And we partner up for things all the time and I think he might like me back. But I’m so bad at that sort of thing….” 

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